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WHY NOW: See the year’s best adventures on screen at the Banff Mountain Film Festival

WHERE: Banff, Alberta, Canada

DATES: 9 days, late October/early November

Think Holly wood hiked up to 11, or the Oscar’s with added derring-do: the Banff Mountain Film Festival is an international competition of short films and documentaries that focuses on mountain sports and lofty environments.


From a bulging long-list, around 60 films are selected to be shown at the Banff Centre, in the heart of the Rockies; themes range from climbing to kayaking, heli-biking to snowboarding, BASE jumping to meeting the remote culture that live in the hills.


Whatever the subject matter, these are films that will thrill, inspire and awe, and which bring the world’s wildest places to even armchair adventurers.


Source: Lonely Planet “The Best Place To Be Today”


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