Sophia Collection:
Santorini, Greece


Beyond the classic Greek white and blues, Santorini is an island of burnt oranges, butter yellows, royal purples and tinted pinks.

The volcanic isle is home to a world famous Caldera, edged by 300m cliffs, made of layers upon layers of volcanic rock and soil, branded with light hues. In Santorini’s roots are hidden centuries of myths, pirate crusades, ancient agriculture and secrets of a lost paradise. Stories separated by thousands of years.

Your stay in Santorini and Sophia Luxury Suites will be one of enlightenment in one of the most cosmopolitan islands in the world. Discover the race against time in the Minoan era. Walk where one of the oldest civilizations in Europe was discovered and what the archeological spade brought to life in Akrotiri and its ruins.

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