paraglide at oludeniz

WHY NOW: Leap from the Father Mountain to soar like a bird- after the tourists have left.

WHERE: Oludeniz, Turquoise Coast

DATES: September to November

If you like the idea of plummeting off a cliff with another person strapped to your back, you won’t find many better places to do so than the Turkish town of Oludeniz. The resort is set around a sheltered lagoon, on the country’s Turquoise Coast. 

It’s popular in high summer; by autumn it will have quitened down, but is still warm and open for business. Many companies in Oludeniz offer tandem paragliding flights. The best is the descent from 1900m Baba Dag (Father Mountain), which is surrounded by fantastic hydra tor thermals. Strapped to a pilot, you’ll leap to catch the air currents and soar with the wind; it can take as long as 45 minutes to drift down. 

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