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JUMP off the sky tower

WHY NOW: It’s spring- a great time to “spring” from a lofty building!

WHERE: Auckland, New Zealand

DATES: November

Think bungee jumping, but with a very urban, very Auckland twist. New Zealand’s largest city also presents one of the country’s largest adrenaline rushes: Skyjump, a 192m, cable-controlled BASE jump from the tallest building in New Zealand.

Storeys above the restaurants and bars that fill the tower, you’re fitted into a harness and a Superman coloured suit and clipped to a cable.

As you leap, a drum feeds out the cable, and you drop at a speed of around 85km/h by a fan descender. It’s 20 seconds of superhero flight that almost impales jumpers on the gidra city below. Instead, the descender slows the fall at the end, delivering you to earth on your feet.

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